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Beautiful China 2016 - Year of Silk Road Tourism China Attraction Art Contest

Posted: 02 May 2016




“Beautiful China In My Eyes 2016 Year Of Silk Road Tourism China Attraction Art Contest”
1. Eligibility
1.1 The Beautiful China In My Eyes 2016 Year Of Silk Road Tourism China Attraction Painting Contest(the “Contest”)is organized by China National Tourist           Office In Singapore(CNTOS).
1.2 The contest is open to all Malaysia Citizens.
1.3  Participation in the competition is free.
2.The Contest
2.1 The Contest is divided into two categories:
(1) Emerging Artist;
(2) Established Artist.
 (A). The Emerging Artist category is open to aspiring artists who are pursuing an arts education;are taking their first steps to a career in art;or simple paint for pleasure.
 (B). The Established Artist category is open to experienced professionals with an established portfolio of work.They must have shown their painting in solo or  group exhibitions(excluding school graduation shows);be represented by a gallery;or have achieved recognition through art awards.
 (C). There are no age restrictions for either the Emerging Artist category or Established Artist category.
2.2 Participants may enter their artwork in only one of the two categories.
2.3 Each participant may submit one(1)entries for one category.
2.4 Painting in acrylic,Chinese brush,crayon,ink,mixed media,oil,watercolour are accepted.
2.5 Paintings submitted must be based on the tourism China attraction as the background of creation and must be original, should not have been created   more than two years prior to the submission date.
2.6 Participants should not submit works that have been offered for sale,published,or publicly exhibited.CNTOS may at its sole and absolute discretion,make exceptions for works by full-time art students which have been exhibited at their respective school graduation shows but which have not been offered for     sale,published,or exhibited in any other form.
2.7 Paintings submitted should be two-dimensional.
2.8 Paintings over 100 centimetres in height or width(inclusive of their frames)will not be accepted.
3. The Prizes
3.1 The prizes for the two categories of awards are as follows:
【Emerging Artist Category】
Subject Quantity Prize
First prize       1 Value RM 5,000 China tour package
Second prize       2 Value RM 3,888 China tour package
Third prize       3 Value RM1,888 China tour package
【Established Artist Category】
Subject Quantity Prize
First prize       1 Value RM 5,000 China tour package
Second prize       2 Value RM 3,888 China tour package
Third prize       3 Value RM1,888 China tour package
【Emerging Artist Category&Established Artist Category】
Subject Quantity Prize
Winner prize      38 Exquisite souvenir and certificate
The above prizes can not be exchanged for cash, and can be used to purchase the same value ticket to any city in China.
4. Submission of Entries
4.1 All submissions must be accompanied by an official entry form and write-up on each painting.Only one entry form is required per participant.Photocopies of the form will be accepted.[Click here to download]
4.2 Painting that have not dried completely will not be accepted.
4.3 Painting and entry form are to be submitted at No.22-4,Jalan Metro Pudu, Fraser Business Park,Off Jalan Yew,55100 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia before 30 August 2016,3:00p.m.
5. Judging
5.1 Entries will be judged by professional artist/art connoisseurs/art critics/curators or other creative professionals appointed at the discretion of CNTOS.The decision of the judges is final.No correspondence will be entered into on this subject before,during,and/or after the Contest.
5.2 Artworks will be judged based on these criteria: message,creativity,composition and technique.
5.3 CNTOS reserves the right not to award any of the stipulated prizes should entries fail,in the judges’ opinion,to meet the required standards.
6.Announcement of results
6.1 All award winners will be notified by phone on or before 1 October 2016.Prizes will be presented at an award ceremony in Malaysia on 20 October 2016.
6.2 All award-winning entries will be part of the award ceremony.
7.Copyright/Intellectual property
7.1 All submission materials submitted to CNTOS in accordance with these rules and regulations must be original works of the participant.The participant must also be the owner of all submitted materials.
7.2 All entries including the documents and materials submitted to CNTOS,shall be the sole property of CNTOS.CNTOS reserves the right retain all entries   and any supporting documentation.Participants are advised to photograph their submissions for their own records prior to submission.
7.3 All winners shall grant CNTOS unlimited worldwide,royalty-free,exclusive licence to exhibit,archive and reproduce images of their winning entries       (including,but not limited to brochures,calendars,greeting cards and websites).
7.4 Each participant undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless CNTOS and its officers and agents from and against any and all liability,loss,damage,costs and expenses in relation to any claim or action brought against CNTOS or its officers and agents arising out of a breach of of this warranty.
8.Acceptance of rules and regulations
8.1 Submission of entries signifies acceptance of the rules and regulations of the Contest.While all possible care will be taken of the entries submitted,CNTOS assumes no responsibility for any loss of or damage to the entries before,during,and/or after the Contest.
8.2 CNTOS has the final decision, the rules if there is any room for improvement, all the consulting will not be accepted.
9.Use of Personal Date
9.1 By submitting an entry to CNTOS,the participant agrees to allow CNTOS and its related corporations,and their agents,to share his/her personal date among themselves,to collect and use the date,and to disclose the date to the Companies’ authorised service providers,for the following purposes.

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