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2016 Market Research of Singapore Students' Study Trip to China

Posted: 28 Oct 2016


According to the research jointly carried out by WYSE Travel Coalition and UNWTO, the total value of 


international youth travelling market reached 286 billion USD in 2014, and the youth tourists account for


about 23% of the total number of global tourists. Based on the prediction about the development of global


travelling industry made by UNWTO, it is predicted that by 2020, the total consumption amount of nearly


370 million youth travelers will exceed 400 billion USD. The youth and student travelers are gradually


becoming the important consumption crowds of travel destinations around the world, because they have


longer travelling time, more consumption and higher possibility to revisit the old haunt.



The data from Singapore National Bureau of Statistics in 2015 shows that currently the gross population


of Singaporean juvenile (ages of 10~24) is 721 thousand; and the proportion of Chinese Singaporean is


76.2%. According to the latest report released by market research company GFK, by the end of May, 2016,


the outbound tourism market of Singapore has slightly decreased 1.3% compared with 2015, while China is


still the top tourism destination for Singaporean outbound tourism. As the main tourism destination for


Singaporean, China is attracting many Chinese Singaporean juvenile to come to China for Study Trips given


the similar culture and language.



Tour agencies in China see the huge potential market of these Singapore youth tourists. However, due to the


constraint of the language barrier, it is very challenging for tour agents in China to directly conduct marketing


in Singapore or partner with the Singapore local agencies/institutions, especially for those small/medium size


agencies. They do not fully understand the needs of targeted tourist groups nor know how to conduct marketing


more efficiently (online vs offline). In addition, due to the China Internet Firewall (that limits internet access to


foreign servers), the tour agencies in China have no access to Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many


other popular western online platforms. These agents are having a hard time to grow their business. 



▲ China is the prime destination for Singapore students to study abroad,

double the number of Malaysia which ranks second



▲ Students who used to study in China give a positive respond on travel perception aspects of satisfaction



▲ The proportion of Singapore students studying in China is still very low,

accounting for only 20.3% among the research object




In this context, China National Tourist Office In Singapore (CNTOS) conducted a market research project


in June 2016, which aims at the research and analysis of Singapore youth students' behavior model,


demand and perception for Study Trips to China. The findings of the project will provide useful insights


and guidance for tour agencies and institutions in Singapore. The findings of the project may also be


provided to the tour agencies and institutions in China to improve the competitiveness of Chinese


inbound tourism market.


【Click to download full report in English】


【Click to download full report in Chinese】

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