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"CHINA, ALL AROUND YOU" 2019 Micro-Video Competition

Posted: 24 Jul 2019



【Submission Deadline】

15 September 2019, 23:59.


Video Submission Guidelines

1. The theme of the video must be "China, All Around You" with an emphasis on Chinese culture and tourism.

2. The content should portray a healthy and positive outlook. Any issues of political or other sensitive natures should be avoided.

3. The video must be the original work of the participant. If technical conditions permit,there is no logo of the third-party platforms.

4. The video should be 15 seconds to 3 minutes in length. All formats are accepted.

5. The video must be submitted together with a synopsis, which is required to be in either Chinese or English, not exceeding 150 words.



1. Participants must be above 13 years of age to be eligible for the competition. For eligible participants under 18 years old, one is required to submit a consent form signed by one's parent or guardian.

2. Participants must reside in the Southeast Asian region.


Awards & Prizes

Gold SGD$2000 x 1
Silver SGD$1500 x 1
Bronze SGD$1000 x 1
Most Popular Video SGD$1500 x 1
Most Popular Actor/Actress SGD$1000 x 1


Submission Procedure

1. Download the submission form: [Click here to download]

2. Email the completed submission form along with your video to


Contact Us

1. Email:

2. Official WeChat account: 中国驻新加坡旅游办事处

3. Official Website:

3. Hotline: (65) 6828 9808


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